Driving in New Zealand

Tips for Overseas customers

Driving in New zealand – What you need to know

Quick Tips

Keep Left!

The most important thing to remember in NZ is we drive on the Left side of the Road.

Give way at intersections

Look out for the give way signs on the left of the road.

No Drink driving

Drinking and driving is Illegal in New Zealand.

Keep off your phone

You will be pulled over if you are seen on your mobile device while driving.

Seat belts

By law, everyone travelling in the vehicle must use a seatbelt.

Speed limits

Always be aware of the speed limit signs and keep within it as there is speed cameras throughout the country.

Drive to the conditions

Keep an eye out for high risk area signs, and drive to the conditions accordingly.


You must stop when you see a stop sign. Check for vehicles and continue when it is safe to do so.

Vehicle safety

Always check all safety equipment on your vehicle is working and in good condition before you hit the road.

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