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Who We Are

Find My Ride New Zealand may not be the first ride sharing company in New Zealand, but we aim to be the most unique and interactive platform available to New Zealanders.

Our humble beginnings started with an idea to reduce congestion on New Zealand roads. Every day, 8 seater cars drive past with only one occupant, this got us thinking for change, and Find My Ride NZ was born.

Being a start-up company, there were many hurdles, but we trudged through to bring you Find My Ride NZ, which aims to not only reduce congestion but make car ownership a want not a need.

There are three phases to our business, the first being the car rental. You can find out more on the car rental tab. The second phase is the launch of the app, which will incorporate all three aspects, and take Find My Ride NZ into the ever-growing app market. Our third phase is car sharing, which will be the most exciting development for our business
To maximize safety for our users, people who choose to be ‘drivers’ will go through police vetting to ensure they are of a credible nature. Currently, NZTA rules say that those providing a SERVICE do not have to apply for a P-endorsement as they are going in that direction regardless. However, there is a high probability that this may change, making P-endorsements necessary. If this happens, Find My Ride NZ will subsidies the process for our users.

Our car rental’s is one of the most economical in the market. But by being economic, we don’t miss out on quality. All our vehicles are certified and have regular maintenance done on them. We treat every customer individually, and cater to your personal needs where best we can. At the moment we offer economical vehicles, but will look to add a more comprehensive stock in the near future.

Our carpooling business is the most exciting part of the business. The app will boast features which will revolutionize the way New Zealanders travel. At the moment, we are trying to partner with big companies in order to deliver the best experience for you.

The final phase of the business is the car sharing business. We aim to park cars around the city, in easily accessible areas. This includes shopping centers, parks and car parks. People can hire the car by the hour, and ultimately making a personal car a want not a need.

Find My Ride NZ would like to thank everyone who have continuously supported us in getting our business this far. The Bank of New Zealand has played an immense part with our finance, and we will always be grateful. We will always be in debt to the Pac Group (Fiji and NZ) for their ongoing support. All our friends and families, your support and help will always be remembered.

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