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Road Safety & Driving Tips In NZ

Listed are few important road safety and driving tips in New Zealand

1. Drive on the left-hand side of the road, this is the number one rule of New Zealand Driving
2. Our speed limits are indicated on boards throughout the roading network. We use km/h, and drive to the conditions
3. Take care while overtaking as our roads hold man twists and turns
4. Using the cell phone while driving is illegal in New Zealand and the police can fine you if you are found to be using your phone.
5. We use our roundabouts clockwise, so always look right and left
6. Some of our roads are unsealed so you will have to be careful while driving
7. All occupants of the vehicle must be wearing a seat-belt or restrained in an approved child seat.
8. Keep an eye out for animals, as you may find them roaming the roads. Just slowdown, and let them pass
9. New Zealand has a lot of one way bridges. The arrow which is bigger indicates which side gets priority.
10. Take your time! Enjoy what we have to offer. New Zealand has many windy roads, so take your time and enjoy the scenery

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